Our journey began as a bold idea and turned into a life-changing commitment. 


My name is Karla ("Kay" for short), and I am the face behind HaciendAroma Candle Co. 

I started this adventure when the world was introduced to COVID-19. I wish there were a more charming story behind it, but this is it. After living groundhogs day(s) of my 9-5 job, I knew the glass ceiling needed to be broken. I searched for years and finally found my purpose, and that was to create a business with the sole purpose of creating unique custom pieces and giving back to those in need, and I am. Why a candle, you might ask? We all love a good scent, perfect for setting the mood and necessary when electricity isn't an option. I became obsessed with learning what goes into a candle and how to make them burn better, cleaner, and longer. Our goal is to create unique candles utilizing only the highest quality components keeping our ecosystem pledge in mind.  A lot goes into making candles; never given them the value it deserves until now!


I am a wife, student, creator, adventurer, and mother to several livestock animals (horses, goats, roosters, dogs, rabbits, and a Pepa the pig). They are definitely a lot of work and require plenty of patience, but I love it all. The dirty clothes, muddy boots, and dusty face, but once, I walk in the house, is a different story. A lot of cleaning to do, but I wouldn't want it any other way. I love spending time with my family; my parents are my backbone (the best), my sister my conscious (haha), and my husband my heart (awww). I love to travel, so far Fiji has been the most memorable adventure for me. I am grateful, passionate, and purposeful. 


We donate a portion of our sales to IRC (International Rescue Committee - $1 per candle sold and matching the total at the end of the year). The more we grow, the more we can give to those in need.


Stretch your dollars little further! AmazonSmile.com has the same products and prices as Amazon.com, but 0.5% of each purchase price is donated back to any charity of your choice. here to edit the text and include the information you would like to feature. We honor our brave first responders and military heroes.