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"Our journey began as a bold idea and turned into a life-changing commitment"

Hey there! I'm Karla, the creative force behind HaciendAroma Candle Co.


My journey into crafting unique candles began a few years ago, inspired by a passion for creativity and a desire to break free from the constraints of a 9-5 routine. Wearing many hats during those years not only kept me on my toes but also equipped me with invaluable skills that shattered my glass ceiling. Taking a leap of faith and trusting my instincts, I ventured into the world of candles with a mission: to create custom products that are not just candles but expressions of individuality. Much like candles themselves, I believe in constant evolution, and my products reflect that journey.

I am grateful, passionate, and purposeful; I am the mother to several livestock animals (horses, miniature zebu, goats, roosters, dogs, rabbits, dogs, and pepa the pig). It's a lot of work and they require a lot of patience, but I love it all; the dirty clothes, muddy boots, and dusty face, I wouldn't want it any other way.


In my small inner circle, my parents are my rock, my sister is my conscience (with a touch of humor), and my husband is my heart – a support system that makes every venture worthwhile.


A lover of travel, I believe that each journey builds character. My most cherished adventure so far is Fiji, where every moment was etched in unforgettable memories.

I'm not just crafting candles; I'm creating experiences. I'd love the opportunity to bring that creativity to your next project!



Warmest Wishes, Kay

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